Rainbow Heart Sugar Cookies

So, a few years back Huffington Post wrote an article on these adorable rainbow heart sugar (ish) cookies (find the article/original recipe HERE), they are sooo adorable and surprisingly easy to make, if you have the time to wait for the cookies to refrigerate 400 times, haha!

So, I actually just used a Pillsbury sugar cookie log to recreate these beauties, because I am lazy, that’s why. I won’t call mine a huge success, because I definitely needed more egg wash between my rainbow layers, and I also needed more “white” cookie on the outside. And, also my calculations for my rainbow colored hearts were totally off, but that’s okay, I made do my stacking my colors higher. Haha!


So, I stacked my rainbow color sheets of sugar cookie higher, and used my cookie cutter to make them hearts. And, yes, there is one heart whose colors went the other way. That’s just to keep you guys guessing…….


I had so much wasted beautiful rainbow sugar cookie dough, I almost cried. Instead I ended up baking the random colorful bits that were still pretty…And I shared the rest of it with family members raw (shhhh).

As I said, I didn’t get quite enough “white” dough around my adorable heart, but it still worked out pretty well. You can tell in the first picture there that my colors are separating, because I didn’t do a very good job egg washing, I suppose! Most of my cookies were still fine, but some of them were actually MISSING parts of the rainbow! It was odd, we ate them anyway. 😉 Also, it turns out I had far less non-pareils than I originally thought, so I ended up mixing Christmas sprinkles and Easter sprinkles on top of these cookie log, oh well! They turned out adorable and fun!

I also had the pleasure of making my niece a birthday cake this last week, she is turning 14 next month and she is here visiting. We don’t usually get to celebrate her birthday because we are here in Alaska, and she is waaaay down in Texas! So, we pretended this year. It was fun!

She is about all things London, so I made an English flag cake. So, my square pan was occupied with brownies, so my flag cake ended up a circular flag. Kind of looked like a cheese wheel for awhile there. Also ended up not being able to make the flag 100% accurate, since some of the blue didn’t fit on the funny shaped flag! Nevermind that, she loved it! It’s funny, I worked and worked on making this fondant red, and it was actually a very pale red, so I made the blue paler so it didn’t look so weird…But, in these photos the red looks so much darker…

Also, we made Homesteader Honey (aka, fireweed honey) with her before she leaves, it’s a bit early in the year, but we wanted her to be able to take some back home with her.

The first picture is the clovers and fireweed simmering in some plain old water. Then you add the other ingredients (mainly sugar…) and boil for awhile. It thickens and turns more brown and less pink! Our honey is a huge hit with the whole family, it (along with our jellies [fireweed, salmonberry, and blueberry]) typically end up being Christmas presents for the family.

August is our last month for rainbows! I am so sad to see it ending, because rainbows are so much fun (and work) to play with. I have a cake, cookies, and two SAVORY dishes coming up still.


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