Rainbow Roll

Now, when I first see “rainbow roll” I think about sushi…But, that’s not what we’re doing today. This is a cake roll, of rainbows. Of course!! I have never done a cake roll before, but it was oddly satisfying, and actually pretty easy. Does not sound easy. Does not LOOK easy. Haha!

But, it really was. However, a rainbow one, did take some time, and a lot of my piping bags, which are NOT cheap, by the way. But, so, so worth it.

20170808_185948_resizedI get excited just looking at all of these colors hanging out together!!


I just used regular old white cake mix, dyed with my lovely gel colors and inserted into the piping bags. By the way, how much do you love my new bowl? It was a gift for puppy sitting my parents PomPomPlantation:


It’s so tall my mixer almost doesn’t work in it!

Placing parchment paper at the bottom before beginning is very much recommended. By the way, one box of cake mix makes TWO cake rolls, so beware of that! So does the amount of frosting I am using. (: So, just begin in a corner and work your way out! I had far more purple batter, so my purple is doubled here. Haha! You can’t really tell once it’s baked, though.

Using a clean dish towel and some powdered sugar for the rolling part. Take your hot cake pan and dump onto the powdered towel. Remove the parchment paper, if you used it, and roll! Try to roll your ugly browned side to the inside, because it’s much, much prettier on the other side! Leave until cool, this is a good time to have a drink:


For instance, we enjoyed a “Pina Colada” Which was Pina Colada frozen mix blended with ice and a whole lot of Malibu Rum, then topped with Chambord, because that white lump of weirdness wasn’t cutting it for me. It was delicious.

Moving on: 20170808_201847_resized

The innards are whipped vanilla frosting and whipped topping, one can of each. And a whole lot of sprinkles. Yum. Mix together and then once your cakes are pretty cool, unroll and smother. YUM.

You can’t argue with how cute these are. See, I told you to roll with the browned side in, the color are way prettier on the inside than on the outside! Tasted delicious anyway!!!

Seriously, was way easier than I expected, cooked really fast, and was very cute! I will definitely try more cake rolls in the future!


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