Cake, cake, CAKE!

I had planned on posting this on Tuesday, but Pinterest’s tech support told me to clear my cache to try to solve an issue (that is still present), and it erased all of my info! I couldn’t remember my password! AH!

So, moving right along. If I set out this last weekend to bake the most difficult cake in existence…Then I succeeded. German Chocolate Cake. Freaking nightmare. Luckily, it was pretty delicious. I used the recipes from Kraft, you can find the cake HERE and the frosting HERE. I followed the recipes exactly, except I used knockoff brand coconut, because coconut is expensive, and Trader Joe’s pecans, because I have a bunch and they were already chopped. Haha! German Chocolate cake has so many steps, be prepared for a million dirty dishes, but it’s so good!! On the other hand, the frosting, I hate it. I love coconut and I love pecans, but for some reason this frosting to me is sooo gross. I can’t do it. But, I made it. For my mother’s birthday cake.

Batter, meringue, and baked cakes! Unfortunately I couldn’t find my regular  8″ circle cake pans, so I used pie pans, so they were all flared out at the top, which was kind of funny, but it did make an issue when I stacked them, no lie.

The frosting. All cooked on stove top. Lots of butter! Plus milk and egg yolks. You have to make sure you cook it long enough to thicken a lot before adding the pecans and coconut, it doesn’t really thicken when cooling. I used my egg whites to feed the dogs!

Besides this incredibly difficult cake to make, I made FOUR cinnamon bundt cakes. Yes, I made five cakes this weekend. I was pretty busy. An organization here bakes and delivers cakes to our legislators whenever they begin session here in town, so we volunteered some cakes! Here is the Mini Cinnamon Bundt Cakes recipe, obviously just make the recipe and put it into a regular bundt pan!


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