Happy Fourth of July!

Yay! Independence Day! Red, White, and Blue!!! Yay!

I love holidays, any holidays.

I love to dress up, I love to do the nail art. How about these LuLaRoe leggings? My step-daughter has matching ones, it was a lot of fun!! I especially like the Fourth of July, because I LOVE fireworks.


Because she stayed out with a friend, we didn’t really go “downtown” to watch the fireworks from the cruise ship docks, as per usual. It’s nice down there because it has a great view, and you can slip into the bars and have a quick drink, too. Well, this time I managed to slip into the FroYo place and have a bit of delish while we awaited the show.

Not everyone was as pleased with the firework show as I was, though.


My boy turned six on the fourth, and he doesn’t understand they show off those fireworks just for his birthday! He spent most of the early evening of the third hiding beside the bed (like here) and attempting to curl his 30 or so pounds into my lap. Mind you, the chihuahuas weren’t phased a bit by the booming.

So, my Challah bread was pretty popular last week, no lie. My dad was asking for Challah french toast for breakfast:

So, naturally I made it red, white, and blue. This bread actually expanded far more than my previous loaf, not really sure what happened there, but some of our french toast was beastly large!

Furthermore, I made some festive popcorn to send along to the slumber party:


All this was, was two bags of regular popcorn, popped. 3 tablespoons of salted butter, melted on the stovetop, add in 3 cups of mini marshmallows and stir until melted (or have someone else stir, my niece is in town, she was very helpful. But, then suddenly my step-daughter wanted to be very helpful, as well. (; ) Once it’s all melted, we poured about 3/4 of the mixture into a bowl with the popcorn and stirred that all up, then we laid it out onto parchment paper and drizzled on the remaining marshmallow mixture. Then we sprinkled with extra mini marshmallows; red, white, and blue m&ms; star sprinkles; and sugar crystals. I understand out there somewhere there are red, white, and blue pretzel M&Ms, but I didn’t locate these. I did find peanut ones, but there are a few peanut allergies in our family, so we didn’t mix those in. Your type of candy candy is totally up to you!

Lastly, a cake. of course.

In fact, it was a poke cake! My intention was to use a red velvet cake, then the blue pudding, and white whipped topping. But, I was OUT of red velvet cake mix. Which, has literally never happened. I must have used the last ones when I made that surpriseĀ planet cake. So, I randomly had this “stars and stripes” cake mix. It’s just a white cake mix with red and blue candy pieces in it. (Um, most have been from last fourth.) So, I made that up, then I used two boxes of white chocolate pudding, tinted blue. And a container of Cool Whip and more of my star sprinkles! (To make it a poke cake, after your cake is baked and cooled, you just poke holes throughout it with the back of a rubber spatula, then pour the pudding and cool whip on. Put in fridge for the pudding to set!)

This was actually pretty darn delicious. I am not upset I didn’t have red velvet, this worked awesome!



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