Venus…Yes, the planet.

So, I have been absolutely DYING to make a crepe cake. A few months back I discovered how darn easy it is to make crepes. I can’t make pancakes. I’m not kidding, it’s basically the only thing I cannot make. Okay, and macaroons, but I haven’t given up on macaroons. I’m done making pancakes. But, crepes? So easy, and delicious! So, I have seen so many crepe cakes, they are SO cute. I want to make one.

Guess what I did instead. I made a freaking planet. Venus, to be exact. No joke, this is the THIRD time this year that she has studied planets/astronomy in her science class. No joke. So, this time she has a group project, the class is making an entire solar system, and her group is assigned Venus (seriously, the lamest planet. Ug.), she gets assigned to actually make the planet, like out of Styrofoam. Of course, it’s due on Monday and she tells me Saturday afternoon. Well, then she notifies me she can make a cake of Venus for extra credit. A Venus…Cake. Great. You know she ain’t making that silly cake. So, I get to. The teacher is big on extra credit for bringing in food, he’s a young man, what can you say. The last time I made her totally make the recipe and everything, because she’s 12, she’s capable, but this was a bit more in depth.

We started with red velvet (from a box), and baked it (for seriously like two hours) in a two quart bowl. Each half is one box of cake mix. I leveled the tops out so they’d stick together right.


I filled in the holes there in the middle and gave the top a crumb coat and stuck in back in the fridge for a bit before the final frosting.


The picture really didn’t turn out the color the cake was, and no, I did not bother to clean up the plate before sending it to school. I just spent my entire weekend making a silly planet cake, for her extra credit, if it had to be pretty too, that was up to her. HAHA.

So, it was actually much more of an orange color. If I had actually had notice we could have made it more realistic with the lava plains and such, but at this point she was lucky she got anything. HAHAHA. So, still very much out of the box, although I did not get to eat it, and it certainly wasn’t made out of crepes. *Insert sad face here*

No regrets. It’s pretty cute.


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