More Rainbows!!!

Rainbow Cupcakes! Well, not really rainbows, sorry. I guess these would be considered more “Unicorn Cupcakes”, because they are only three colors…Pink, Teal, and Purple!! I choose my favorites, what can I say. Haha!

Now, this week, don’t expect beautiful cupcake pictures…Because I can’t find my normal frosting tip ANYWHERE. So, I had to use more of a decorating tip, and I haaaate how it looks just on top of cupcakes, so ugly. I just can’t stand it. But, I didn’t have another choice, except to slather it on, which wasn’t going to happen either.

At least the colors are pretty!!! I had a tad bit of trouble at first with too much teal at the very bottom of my frosting bag, but it evened out pretty quickly. I did have a nice mix on most of cupcakes. I ate the ugliest one so that no one would know. Haha!! I ended up eating the second ugliest one later, and never put it out, you can tell which two were not as pretty below…


Yup, right at the bottom. I tried to go back over them to make them pretty, but I ran out, so, ugly. One I ate right away, one I ate for breakfast the next day…Shhhh.

So, these are just white cake mix cupcakes, with about a teaspoon of almond extract in them (I only used half of the cake mix for this, and half for something else, sans the extract), add as much or as little as you want! I alternated spoonfuls of the different colors to make the cupcakes!

And homemade buttercream for them, of course! I used one stick of butter, beat with a mixer for about 4 minutes (until light and fluffy) added in two cups of powdered sugar, and around 1-2 teaspoons of almond extract. I, again, alternated plops of colored buttercream in the frosting bag and piped on! I did have some leftover buttercream, so naturally I made brownies and covered them with the excess buttercream. YUM!

The other half of the white cake mix went to cakepops. I don’t have a picture of the end product because I was SO FRUSTRATED making these. I have NEVER had trouble making cakepops before, but they kept falling off the sticks, or just completely falling apart. I know my recipe is right, I make these things ALLL THE TIME. But, these just refused to work with me. I was so mad. Anyway, they are just white cake mix with pink color. Then I crumbled and added in cherry flavored frosting and mini chocolate chips. I dipped them in white and then green candy melts to make them little watermelons! I have done these before, you can see a less frustrated post HERE.

Well, that’s all I’ve got this week. Sorry this wasn’t EXACTLY rainbows, but sometimes a full rainbow is more than I can handle. Plus rainbows don’t have pink and I”m not okay with that.


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