Twins’ Mine Craft Birthday Party! And Pink Popcorn!

So, my nephew’s just turned seven, this post is actually from last week…Don’t hate me! I’ve been very busy with all of these cakes and birthdays!!

So, twins had a Mine Craft birthday. I was so not familiar with this concept of Mine Craft, we don’t do a lot of technology things in my house. Not so much TV, not so much computers, not so much phone. We try to keep it more simple and pure, that is so rare these days! So, I had to Pinterest the tar out of Mine Craft to even come up with an idea…Yikes. Haha! I knew I needed a chocolate cake, because they both looove chocolate, but I had seen before something about checkerboard cakes, which I wanted to try. So, I went with chocolate and green. I actually ended up NOT doing a checkerboard cake and made them each their own cake:


So, there you have it, so cut outs one chocolate, green, chocolate and one green, chocolate, green. If you were to actually stack them and cut them, they would look kind of checker boardy on the inside. But, I ended up doing two separate cakes for my two boys! One TNT and one Creeper, which are both apparently important in this game, although I didn’t figure out why, haha!

These were pretty fun to make. Mine Craft is apparently a very blocky/pixelated type game, so I had to search out a square cookie cutter…Do you know how difficult those are to come by. I ended up buying a PLAYDOH set to use the cutter in there. $10 worth of playdoh for one silly cookie cutter. For the TNT I actually used a noodle cutter for the straight lines, haha! These guys were pretty fun to make, and very easy!

I also made pink popcorn for a family movie night we had last week while watching my sister’s house (including her adorable chickens!!), there aren’t any pictures of the pink popcorn…Well, because it was really yummy. And the leftovers we had, I fed to the chickens! They really like snacks. Haha. What I did was two bags of popcorn, popped and left to cool on a cookie sheet. 4oz white chocolate baking bar, and 4 oz of white chips, vanilla flavored OR white chocolate chips. I used vanilla. Melt those two bad boys together in a candy melter, or double broiler, or very carefully in the microwave. Add in either powdered food color, chocolate/candy melt food color, or a gel food color (never use liquid food coloring in candy melts or chocolates!!), I always use gel food color, as long as you don’t overdo it, this works fine. Once your chocolate is your desired color, whether pink or another color, pour over your popcorn and allow to cool. YUM! Sorry there isn’t pictures…But, just imagine adorable pink chocolate covered popcorn!!


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