Rainbow Surprises!

So, at my house, we love cake pops. They are so delicious, and in a tiny package, so it’s harder to overdo it. Kind of. On my amazingly fun theme of rainbows…I did a rainbow surprise…Inside of a cake pop. On the outside looks like nothing fancy, on the inside…Amazing funness!!

Okay, this was kind of a lot of work. Not going to lie. It wasn’t HARD, but it was sooo time consuming. So, if you plan to copy this, be sure to give yourself plenty of time!

I started with a white boxed cake mix, separated into six bowls and did a drop (or a few drops) of each color I was going to use and mixed them all up. I poured these guys into cupcake tins for a quicker cooking.

Orange, green, red, yellow, blue, and purple! Of course, the rainbow colors (not necessarily in that order).


Baked and crumbled, and began to add in some vanilla frosting, so I didn’t mess with the colors any!

So, I took a tiny bit of each color and flattened it out onto a piece of saran wrap. Then, twist the ends together until snug, it will make it into roughly a round shape! You just need to perfect the shape a tad, but the colors will be all in line!!!

Then, of course, using candy melts stick the lollipop stick about 3/4 of the way up and allow to set. I do this in the fridge so I don’t have to waste time!

Dip in candy melts and tap off the excess, sprinkle, if desired!




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