Pink Lemonade Cake

So, did I break the big news? All pink food? I can’t remember, probably because I am posting this SO LATE IN THE WEEK. Well, my big boss was in town, that makes work suuuper stressful! Plus, I’m not that excited about my first pink item. 😦 It’s a pink lemonade bundt cake, and I ran into two separate problems. First: it’s freaking orange!!! Second: it was too sour. Toooo lemonady. That’s a problem with desserts! I will have to rework the recipe sometime before I really share it. Honestly, I was so upset with the color I don’t even have a picture of my final product.


It doesn’t look too terribly orange in this photo. The batter didn’t look that bad, it was kind of a salmon pink, so I just let it go, I had actually put a lot of color in it. But, then when it came out of the pan when it was cooked. We’re talking like neon orange colored. What is with that? So sad. So, the cake itself was okay, but the glaze was like pure lemon flavor. Just did not work for us at all.

I did have good news to share, though:


I made an egg in the basket with the little egg I harested from my sister’s chickens. She was out of town for three days and this is the only one I found! Her chickens have just started laying eggs, so they are unreliable with how many they actually lay. It was about 3/4 the size of a regular egg. And look how teeny that yolk is! It was so adorable. And delicious. I love fresh eggs!!


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