Rainbow Crepes <3 !!!

Oh man, I loooove crepes. So, naturally I had to make them rainbowed. Well, sort of rainbowed. I recently purchased the Wilton pastel gel colors, because I will be needing light pink and mint colors for our upcoming 13th birthday (Holy cow, big 13. Our theme is gold, mint, light pink.), so I needed to test them out to see if they are the right colors. So, a four colored pastel rainbow of crepes!


I think the green looks kind of like pea soup. But, whatever. So, I made my delish crepe recipe and divided into four and mixed in a squeeze a drop or two of the gel color and mix well! Then cooked on both sides, some didn’t turn out as pretty. The green didn’t look green at all. Surprisingly the yellow turned out really nice…


So, I slathered on alternating Biscoff Cookie Butter and butter and cinnamon sugar. YUM.


Served with peppermint schnapps infused pink hot chocolate, because I deserve it, that’s why. HAHA!


Sorry for the bad lighting here…I took these back to bed to eat and binge watch Once Upon A Time…I do love that show (I finished it this weekend on Netflix. I cried.)


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