Rainbow Challah Bread

I have never made Challah bread before. Never. I was horrified, to be honest. It actually was pretty easy. I did view a few You Tube videos to do the braiding, because that was the scariest part.

But, of course this isn’t any regular Challah, it’s RAINBOW Challah!! Yay! Okay, I used a recipe I found online (you can find that recipe HERE) I cut the recipe in half and still made two loaves (small ones, obviously). I actually used far less flour, and I thought it was a bit dry, still! I think next time I will use a recipe that calls for butter instead of oil, see how that goes.

There used to be a bakery here in town that made Challah every Friday, the best Challah EVER. And it sold out to an Italian restaurant (weird, I know), the new place has good food, don’t get me wrong. But…That was kind of our only bakery…Ha. So, we know they have the recipes for all of the bagels and breads, but they aren’t MAKING THEM! So sad. I finally gave in and wanted some, and decided this was a good item for my rainbow theme. It totally was, by the way:


FUN! So much fun.

So, I did do a bit different than the instructions called for, since I colored it. After the dough is made and before it rises the first time I separated into 6 equal sized portions, colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, of course! I used gel colors EXCEPT for my red, because I did not have red gel color. It took a lot more liquid food coloring, by the way. I kneaded the color into the dough until it was the color I wanted (or I got tired of kneading) and then put them in the bowls to rise for the first time.

After the first rise I punched down, split each color in half and rolled them to about six inches long each.


Then watched several videos, several times, to get the braiding done:


And let it rise once more, then baked!!!

Like I said, mine was a bit dryer than I had hoped for, but it was still completely amazing! Anything could have happened there, my eggs too small, or maybe it was too dry in my house (not counting on that one), or some other completely random issue that caused my bread to really not want the extra flour. But, whatever! I am still very happy with my end product!



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