Happy Father’s Day!

One of the best things about summer here is Gold Rush Days. One weekend full of fun, games, competitions, and FOOD. We don’t get a lot of little food carts with different types of food around here much, our options are pretty limited, but when things like Gold Rush Days happen, everyone makes an appearance! Mini doughnuts, tons of different BBQ, four different places to get snow cones, hot dogs, tacos, fry bread, Indian tacos, cotton candy, kettle corn….I’m getting really hungry, here. So, we spent all day Sunday there, Father’s Day. Saturday was horrible, pouring down rain like crazy, so we did not go there (it’s on the beach), but Sunday was SO nice! We got lucky. So, Saturday is all about mining, Sunday logging. Mining is always more fun for me, but I never seem to be able to make it!

That all being said, I didn’t really have time to do anything too crazy, I wanted to make something I thought the father’s in my life would get a kick out of (sorry, it’s not actually rainbow this week). I ended up making tiny cupcake hamburgers!


This is legitimately the only photo I have, this was a rejected one, it didn’t make the cut to be presented…But these little things we devoured! They were actually kind of on the sweet side, even though there was very little frosting.

All I did was cook some yellow cupcakes (these were actually “butter cake”, I do NOT recommend that if you can help it), and some brownies. I let both cool before cutting the brownies into circles (with a cookie cutter) and cutting the cupcakes into about half, I left a little more on the bottom than the top. I then used just tubbed vanilla frosting tinted, red, yellow, and green, to simulate ketchup, mustard, and lettuce. Like I said, this one was a reject, I kind of had just swirled it all around on there, instead of making the frosting actually look like what it should. There’s actually a bite taken out of the other side, I really just wanted to check this wasn’t going to be super weird before I made a bunch of them. Bahaha!

So, my dad said they were pretty sweet, he actually split one with my mom; however, my best friends husband ate three of them…Sooo, I guess you do with that what you will! These were pretty darn cute when I actually tried to make the frosting look like condiments, haha!


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