Rainbow Bagels!!!

So, here we are: Happy Summer! Although school is technically out, I am still in school. If I want to graduate by next fall with my Bachelor’s I have to take a summer class this semester and next semester. If they weren’t so darn expensive (or if you got assistance during the summer) I’d be taking them both now, but alas, it didn’t work out that way. So, we are celebrating summer in the best way possible…With rainbows. This weekend I went to our local bakery/convenience store, Breeze In. It is the only store in the entire city that is open 24/7, just one store in the whole town. No joke. So, I went in about 3am (because sometimes his job requires these insane hours) but, that’s when you get the fresh doughnuts and bagels! So, I usually go with him if I have the opportunity, and since my step-daughter is out of town at girl scout camp this week, I had the opportunity! I had already chosen my doughnut when I realized they had a fresh batch of these adorable…Rainbow…Bagels. SO MUCH FUN! Plus, I only keep cream cheese at the office, because we don’t actually have a toaster at home, and bagels are just way better toasted. So, this morning I made sure to leave home with enough time to stop at the Breeze In and pick up one of these beauties:


So, I wish I could say that I was giving you a recipe for these lovely bagels, but the truth is, I just don’t have the space for this type of project. 😦 Bagels take up sooo much room to prepare and bake, and take a lot of time.

But, know to expect some fabulous rainbow creations in the coming months…and they aren’t all desserts! ❤

Also: made the first harvest in my mini garden this weekend:

Teeny, tiny tomatoes. Haha! Plus a tiny jalapeno, I chopped them up and put them into my guacamole and enjoyed some chicken nachos!!!


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