Bridal Shower Tea Party! – UPDATED!

Okay, I don’t really have a recipe for you guys today, I was SO busy this weekend!

My best friend got married, I was the Maid of Honor, it was so much fun! Except that it was an outdoors wedding, and I live in the rainforest. It was raining, and super windy. But, it was so pretty, she had all this handmade wood stuff, like the alter and everything, it was so amazing. We had shelters and a nice roaring fire that all of us bridesmaids huddle around in our chiffon dresses, haha!

Well, being the MOH I was tasked with the Bridal Shower, a tea party was a no brainer for her, we love to do tea! And we love to be able to get dressed up for things! I don’t have a ton of pictures right now because I was so stinking busy that I didn’t really get any picture taking done (I am SO sad about that) BUT, we did have the wedding photographer there, because she’s actually a close friend of ours, as well! (She also documented the bachelorette party later on, ha!)


We had Lavender Lemonade and Iced Tea in our double drink dispenser and sherbet punch, in the top photo (don’t mind the mess in the background of these photos, this was before we were actually ready.) Bottom photo is our main food table we were in the works of, we had: melon balls, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, pinwheel sandwiches, fruit tea sandwiches, cheese and cracker platter, salami and smoked salmon, cucumber and strawberry tea sandwiches, candy melt covered pretzels, chocolate champagne and raspberry cupcakes, and shortbread cookies!

My chocolate/champagne cupcakes, with raspberry puree filling, later it had raspberry/champagne buttercream.


And shortbread cookies, dipped in chocolate, and yes, they have a tea bag label on them!! Shortbread cookies are my absolute favorite.

I had also dyed some doilies with food coloring, it was so much fun and they turned out super pretty (of course I have no photos of that):


The dye mixing was so much fun!

I’ll try to find some more photos of the fabulous food soon!- Which I have…Finally:

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