Peanut Butter Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies…

Okay, I feel like I have the worst luck in the world this month. I haven’t posted in ages! But, you know why? Because I can’t find anything I need for my creations! For starters, I was dying to make some sort of rainbow sherbet cupcake. My thought was the frosting would use those Duncan Hines Frosting Creations, my vision included using the Orange Creme, Strawberry Shortcake, and Key Lime…Did these become discontinued and I somehow didn’t notice..?? Or is it just my town? They used to be available at our Walmart, but unfortunately our Walmart was one of the first to go with that mass shutdown. Ug! Well, I spent my weekend (4/1) at various stores looking for these things, no luck! I had to give up. Next weekend (4/8) I spent on the look for COTTON CANDY. Can you BELIEVE I can’t buy COTTON CANDY in my town?? Maybe at the specialty store I could have, but who has money for the same product at a specialty store, things are almost double the cost at that store, seriously, the same product. I can’t afford that kind of life.

Well, there’s my two sad news. Ready for two good news? I will be able to do my cotton candy cupcake dream soon anyway…Because the carnival is coming to town!! Okay, this is huge news, because things like this don’t come to our town, it’s too expensive to bring rides here and to hire part time, super temporary employees, I’m sure that’s incredibly hard!! Well, four years ago it came for the first time EVER. Then it came the next year, then it DIDN’T come last year. It was a bit devastating to the kids here; luckily we headed out of town last summer (first family vacation for us, first time my boyfriend’s daughter EVER left Alaska!), so we didn’t really miss it. So happy it’ll be here this year! It’s crazy expensive to go and do anything (understandably, have to make up their costs and then some or it won’t be worth coming back…), so I have had a special $100 in my reserve bank account for this. Which may actually only last us a day, but it comes like three days before payday, and you know kids don’t care what day payday is, especially when we’re talking the carnival. Haha! So, I will be able to buy my cotton candy there, and make this cupcake! I am crazy excited about this, haha!

Okay, second good news, I made some bomb peanut butter stuffed peanut butter cookies for Easter dessert (one of many desserts we had), I know cookies are an odd Easter dessert, but PB is a family favorite for the kids (and the boyfriend) so, it made an appearance. I found this recipe via, you can find it there, too.

The top left is the stuffing, it’s actually just PB and powdered sugar. It looks like little poop piles here! If you’re anywhere warm you have to move quickly and work in small batches. You make some balls of the stuffing and freeze it, I wasn’t able to actually make it into balls, so I plopped it, froze it, rolled a few, froze it, rolled a few, froze it….You get the idea. Then I made the batter (top right, of course), and encased the semi-frozen stuffing, rolled in sugar, and baked! These turned out pretty darn awesome. Be sure not to overcook, or else your stuffing will be cooked, too, not all gooey and delicious!


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