Spring Theme: Out Of The Box!

Hello All!

I meant to start this last weekend, but such is life.

This spring we’re doing “Out of the Box” theme! Just some craziness I’ve come across or thought up and wanted to try. This weekend I made…Panda Face Bread! It was an idea from another blog I saw months ago, but never tried. This theme gave me that opportunity! I used just regular old bread recipe, white bread. You can use any recipe you want, of course.


He has a squishyier face than I had hoped for…Again, my oven, not the best. So, the top was kind of burning and the base was still kind of doughy. I had to take him out, so he collapsed at the base a bit. (I also already took a nibble out of part of his face there on the right side..hehe!) But, he has little square ears, little round eyes, and a cute face!!

Pre risen and post risen (the first go round) As you can see, I didn’t go crazy with colors (and you could use any color for the green, here), but I did make it different enough colored. I’ll provide the link to the original post at the bottom, they had nice, dark, panda eyes/ears. But, also there is a great step by step, she is clearly less messy than I am!!

These look like random, scary blobs, don’t they? Who know they would be cute!


Second rising in the loaf pan!

You can see her original post HERE. The only thing I changed was I used green food coloring, because you can’t buy Matcha powder here, it’s totally unheard of. I DID use the cocoa powder and water mixture, but it basically just made it a clumpier powder with the amounts there and I couldn’t get it mixed in well, next time I’ll definitely use more water there, and order my Matcha online! (It’s already on the way!

Last thing:


Bought these little beans for Valentine’s Day, and they finally hatched, the beans actually say “I Love You” on them! How cute!!?? They are growing super fast, going to have to find them a new place to live soon!


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