I love Valentine’s Day. Everything in pink. Or Red. Or any shade in between. Candy. Flowers. Lovey Dovey stuff. And sushi. Yeah, I am being taken out for sushi tonight. Whoo hoo!! I love sushi, and quite frankly I’ve been thinking about it for over a week, I just didn’t want to splurge on myself, luckily I don’t have to now, haha!

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day I made tiny, heart shaped cheesecakes!


You’ll have to forgive me, because they aren’t actually done yet. My intention is that these will be conversation hearts! Yes!! I only made a few, because these are just for the kids, I actually ate that random multi-colored one already (that’s why it’s all unfrozen). So, the recipe was supposed to make six of these little guys, buuut that didn’t happen. It only made five. I didn’t really measure out the batter before coloring either, which is how I ended up with a multi-colored one, but it was kind of fun, and it worked rather well. So, since I don’t have the kids until tomorrow, these aren’t finished quite yet. I thought about using red food coloring for the words on, but there is enough food coloring already in these puppies, so I will be using little sprinkles! I have some pretty cute, teeny V-Day hearts (red, pink, and white) and I am going to just write the sayings out in those! I will post the updated pictures, of course.

You can use any flavor of cheesecake here, I went with the regular old New York style cheesecake. It’s not normally my style, but since I was jazzing them up with color and shapes, and feeding them all to kids, I figured they didn’t need to be fancy flavored!

Once you have made your desired cheesecake, divide the batter into however many bowls of colors you want to make, then add the color and mix super well! My crust is just your basic graham cracker/melted butter crust, I pushed it down in the silicone mold and then put it in the fridge until I was ready for it.

Also, be sure to cook your cheesecakes in a water bath, cooks the best this way! Once the cheesecakes were done cooking I let them rest at room temperature until cool, then froze them. They don’t need to freeze for too very long, but mine were in there overnight. Popped out so nicely from my silicone mold! And they are SO cute. I am typically a fan of a thicker crust, but I wasn’t too sure how everything would work out, so I didn’t mess with anything too much, but they sure are cute!!

I also got my nails done last week, in preparation for the Wearable Art Show I modeled in this weekend, that was an experience. But, I had them do my nails in honor of Valentine’s Day!


Nothing super fancy, I had to be classy, you know. Not always my style, but this week it was! I also got a pedicure done, and a merlot color on my toes! I am so glad that this weekend is over, that show was seriously taking all of my time and patience. I wasn’t able to get anything amazing baked, so I am happy it’s over! And I am happy I have cheesecake this week! I am still hoping to make some macaroons before the week is out and I lose my convection oven…We will see!


Okay, never got to make my adorable macaroons, pretty bummed. But, below is the end product of my cheesecakes!

Some regular old conversation hearts, and I decided to sprinkle on some Valentinesy sprinkles!


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