Absence Explained…

Well, I am very sorry for not being able to post the last few weeks. I have been majorly overwhelmed. My little doggy is having issues again, she began circling. Just circling, if she isn’t passed out from exhaustion, she is up wobbling in tight circles, she doesn’t sit down, she doesn’t stand still, she is either sleeping or circling. We took her in twice (initially she was only confused and scared of us, so we did bloodwork, everything was normal), then she got over that and a few days later she began this circling with an extreme head twist to the left. She started on a Friday, so we left it for the weekend to see what would happen, by Monday she wasn’t better, so we got an appointment, we couldn’t get in until Thursday afternoon (I have a very popular vet, the best in about a 900 mile radius). He determined she likely had extra neurological issues now (she currently has a lesion on her brain, diagnosed at Washington State University in the summer of 2014, it causes seizures), such as encephalitis. He confirmed with a neurologist at WSU, they recommended being seen (it’s extremely far away and expensive, so that’s something we have to plan up to), and also to try prednisone. So, we did that for the weekend, so far not a vast improvement, unfortunately. We may have to take the trip out to WSU anyway.

On top of that, my sister is in Indonesia, so I have had her dogs and house for the last week (and the next two), she has a PROPANE oven. It is SO HARD to get used to. I hate it. I actually left the stove top on low for like 45 minutes yesterday, that’s super dangerous. AH! I also burned a frozen pizza in their convection oven. So, needless to say, I haven’t been baking much. I am too afraid to! But, like I said…Convection oven. This weekend (or there abouts) I am going to attempt macaroons!

But, don’t be surprised if that doesn’t manage this weekend. Another part of my absence has to do with my involvement in a local event called the Wearable Art Show. One of my mother’s friends decided to build a piece of wearable art for the show and it’s been crazy hectic. She went a tad overboard in the beginning, I think we’ve got most of the kinks worked out, but unfortunately all of the time spent working out the kinks and ditching props she wanted to use, I haven’t actually done the the act in full costume..at all. The show is next Saturday and Sunday. I am a nervous wreck. This show sells out to about 1,500 people, I have no stage fright whatsoever; however, I have NEVER been this unprepared for a show before. Walking a catwalk is no big thing, I have done that several times over the years, but this is an outfit change of stage, renaissance style dress, bar maid to fancy silver ballgown. It is no small feat, and I have no time to practice. It’s INSANE.

Anyway, sorry for the long blog with no pretty pictures or recipes. I can tell you we enjoyed many dips and regular old desserts (brownies, root beer floats, and rice crispies). Nothing fancy…SORRY!


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