Mmmm Molasses Cookies

Okay, good news and bad news. Good news, these cookies are amazing. Bad news? No pictures. And, I’d tell you why, but I don’t really want to admit it. Okay, I’ll tell you. Because we ate them all. The first day. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone! They are just really good!

I can’t deny an amazing molasses cookie, I’ve tried a lot of recipes, I haven’t really found a BAD recipe, haha! But this was was pretty simple, which is always nice. And so soft and chewy. Mmm.

So, I will upload the recipe soon, surprisingly, I don’t remember where I found it, because I PRINTED it out. I know, weird. But, I didn’t want to get behind with my blog, so it will have an update soon!

Short and sweet!

UPDATE: Okay, I knew the recipe was from good ol’ Betty Crocker, so I tracked it down, finally.  You can find the easy recipe for some great Molasses cookies HERE. Enjoy!


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