Happy New Year! With Pink Champagne!

What better way to celebrate New Years Eve than with champagne? Better yet, PINK champagne! I can’t contain myself when it comes to all things pink. Just love it. 20161231_155157_resized Especially this brand. YUM.

So, what did I make, you ask? Well, tiny cupcakes, of course! And cookies!!


So, the cupcake recipe is one we’ve followed for quite some time, from Betty Crocker. Find the recipe HERE. The only thing I change is instead of three egg whites, I just do two eggs.

This recipe is allllways a winner for me. I could sit and eat the whole batch (which is why I brought some to work!)

It sure fizzes when you add the champagne!! Add a few drops of red if you want your pink champagne cupcakes to actually be pink, which is optional, of course.

They are just way cute this way. I cooked mine in a few different pans, since I’m impatient. Mini cupcake pan (which my bestie gave me for Christmas, yay!) a mini brownie silicone heart pan, and my new(ish) mini silicone bundt pan. All so adorable!

The cookies were a different story. I didn’t like them. Not even going to share the recipe, because it just didn’t work they way I wanted. It will have to be reworked before I can share, but, honestly I don’t know when I’ll do that, because I’m kind of upset about it. The cupcakes always work so perfectly, so I’m sad that the champagne didn’t work so great with the cookies:

It was super gross looking in the beginning, but the dough was fine, a little too sticky, so I put it in the fridge for maybe 30 minutes to chill out so it could be rolled in sugar.

They looked totally fine, but when I pulled them off the parchment paper (and later just a sprayed pan) most of the bottom clung to the pan/paper and they were basically hollowed out. So, that was super lame. But, I did make a bomb glaze that went on top and used that to drizzle my bundt cakes. It was just 1/4 cup of boiled down pink champagne and 1-2 cups of powdered sugar, just depending on how thick/thin you want it!

Other than the baking this weekend, I managed to get some great pictures in my hometown, here:


A little hard to tell, but there are about five eagles in these photos!

The last interesting thing we did was make one of the Kracie Poppin’ Cook meals that she got from Santa this year (they are sooo adorable), no English instructions, so you have to YouTube them, haha!


I understand that most taste like candy (like the sushi fish is jello) but these actually tasted like tiny burgers and french fries! The fries smelled like mashed potatoes when you were making them. The ketchup is definitely ketchup, and the cheese smells sooo cheesy. Very strange and fun at the same time! (Don’t mind the messy counter, I didn’t wash it after constructing these adorable things before taking the pic!)


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