Christmas Cookies Part 2!

Wow, Christmas was pretty fun! I was lucky enough to have a four day weekend to basically accomplish nothing. I ended up not making the doggy treats this last weekend in favor of attempting Italian Butter Cookies. Sure glad I did, they are GOOD! Amazing, even! I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to, especially of my cookies, but I have a few to share, along with the recipes and such.

Also, last week we had to take a chosen recipe (she chose no bake peanut butter bars) and do fraction questions for school. Original recipe fed 24, she had to half it, double it, and make it feed 30 (size of the class). Then for extra points you had to actually make the recipe! Well, sounds easy enough, except when she brought the recipe to me it was like 7/10 of a cup. 9/20 of a tablespoon. I’m like, no. No, we are not doing this, can not handle it the week of Christmas, too much going on! AH! Well, it was ten extra points (which is a lot in 6th grade, okay? HA!) so, I had to rework the recipe to make it feed 30 and NOT be in fractions. Turned out good! (Although would have been easier to just make the silly recipe and cut it into 30 pieces, but we aren’t cheaters.)

20161221_072148_resized Of course we added in sprinkles for some flare!

I also made some colored candied popcorn, red, white, and green:

I’m not entirely sure why I don’t have a picture of the green…Also, I notice now that this picture makes the red popcorn look super orange, not sure what’s up with that…Haha! But, it was a nice red, then the white popcorn. The other picture is the candied mixture melting on the stove. This is the same popcorn I made for my step-daughter’s birthday party a few months back. (Birthday Party!) I added in sprinkles and also red and green M&M’s. YUM.

Also got my nails done and had some totally cool hot chocolate:

The blue nails are actually much darker than in this photo. And, yes, those are colorful mini marshmallows in my hot chocolate. Some Swiss Miss creation we found at Walmart down south (since the jerks closed ours).

So, on to cookies. We have chocolate sugar cookies, a recipe I found on Pinterest, followed it exactly and it is GOOD. Find the original recipe HERE.

I don’t actually have any decorated cookie pictures, but they were equally yummy non-decorated! They did keep their shape super well, but we found them a bit more brittle to decorate than normal sugar cookies. Very delicious, though. Will definitely make these puppies in the future!

I actually found the recipe for the Italian Butter Cookies as well (I didn’t even know where to start with this recipe!) You can find their recipe HERE. I followed that recipe exactly, as well!

They were kind of time consuming to make, because you put them in a pastry bag to make them this adorable, that took FOR-EV-ER. But, worth it. I put cherries in some of the wreaths before baking. I was going to dip some in chocolate after baking or sprinkle some before baking, but I just didn’t ever get around to it. I have found the basic butter cookies are typically my favorites!

To end this post, some pictures from our Christmas! Starting with the pups I could get to “pose.” Isadora perching near the Christmas Tree. Isabella standing on a present! And Tod laying ever so nicely with a bow on his head…He wasn’t pleased. Such a good boy.

And our tree and the stockings! Many weren’t able to be hung afterwards, because Santa was so good to us!


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

We will see you next weekend!


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