Wow, I am such a slacker. I left town for the weekend last week and didn’t get anything baked! Instead I spent the whole weekend shopping and enjoying other people baking for me. I visited Seattle and checked out the Cupcake Royale downtown, quite delicious. I ate the chocolate cupcake with huckleberry buttercream. It was a tad sweet for me. But very delicious. I was hoping to be able to eat the Chai Cinnamon, but it must have been very popular already today, because it was already gone!! My friend had the salted caramel, it was super delish as well. We had gelato at Procopio Gelato, I had the blood orange, she the coconut, both totally amazing. We also wandered past the Beechers cheese factory and took some samples (I looove that cheese) we also looked around Pike’s Place, of course, but we only buy our local fish, because it’s so perfect here! We spent most of our time around Tukwila, we only have McDonald’s and Subway for chain resturants here, so you can imagine we spent a lot of time eating: Taco Bell, Burger King, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory (I had the Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch, when I find the time, I will be attempting to make this, with a different crust, I did not like the crust), IHOP (who did not bring back the de leche pancakes this year, not pleased), and several others!

But, this week I was back to the grind. It was actually a five day weekend for the schools, which was totally outrageous, so I was actually kind of busy attempting to entertain a tween that had already done everything possible in the house. We ended up making cheap “homemade” doughnuts (on account that I spent a lot of money Christmas shopping last week). This was alllways a family favorite when I was a kid that my mom would make for dinner. Yeah, terrible dinner, but whatever. All this calls for is oil for frying, those cheap biscuits (here they are 2 for $1) the tiny biscuits, and a frosting. We always used just powdered sugar/vanilla/milk glaze. I love glazed doughnuts. I have also made them when some melted cake frosting, and of course you can always add sprinkles.

I used a medium sauce pan because I only made one little thing of biscuits, typically we do these in large batches and use the fry cooker. These are the “homestyle biscuits” I used.

My little doughnuts. I used a doughnut cutter I purchased at Kitchen Collection for $2 while I was south! Just used the little cutter to pop out the centers, those are the doughnut holes. Then there are the circles left, mom always made some to “twisty doughnuts” just by turning one side over.

Then in a bowl mix up your glaze and dunk your fresh fried doughnuts in! Let them cool on a paper towel for a minute before dunking, so you don’t burn the crap out of your fingers, because I do that.

But, that’s it! Eat them all. Okay, don’t, you’ll only hurt yourself. Share with your family and friends!


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