Chocolate-Caramel-Toasted Coconut Poke Cake

So..To die for…

I always sign up for those 30 day Betty Crocker recipes. Honestly, I rarely find something I will try. But, when I do…AH-Mazing. So, what did I find? Something that I altered juuust a tad bit. The original recipe (find it HERE) called for peanuts, but I don’t really do peanuts. So, I switched it for toasted coconut, really can’t go wrong there…

I won’t go through the whole recipe since I really did just follow the above linked recipe (I did cut this in half, because I needed seven cupcakes for a Joann’s cupcake decorating that my step-daughter did…8 inch pan and seven cupcakes were perfect…Really!) And, of course the toasted coconut.


Mmmmm. Oh yeah.

Fresh baked cake, fresh poked cake, then fresh poured caramel all over it. (Haha!) Stuck that baby in the fridge for a few hours (that killed me).

Then we whipped up the frosting. This was just cream and powdered sugar, you could really just spread some whipped topping over the top of it..I definitely will next time.

Last I toasted up some coconut on the stove in a small skillet. Please remember that coconut burns very easily. Do this on a low temperature and stir constantly. It’s time consuming, but this is my favorite method for toasting the coconut!

Not going to lie, I was pretty excited to get this cake finished, so there is no picture of the chocolate syrup drizzle or the caramel drizzle. Juuust that photo of the finished product. Everyone in my house agreed this was FANTASTIC!


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