Boston Creme Poke Cake & Bella’s Birthday

We are a serious family of September birthdays. Isabella turned four on the 19th, and I made her a tiny dog cake, which, of course, she shared with everyone else!

It was enjoyed.

Here’s the little thing in the process:

I greased up with melted coconut oil, stirred up the ingredients, plopped it in some little ramekins and baked!

I kind of made up the recipe as I went, to be honest, I had some left over brown rice flour from other treats I had made, I used about 1.5 cups, three eggs, three tablespoons of coconut oil, and maybe 4-5 tablespoons of water. You could get creative here though, toss in some berries or pumpkin or fruit! You could use other flour here, as well. Such as almond flour, but almond flour is a lot lighter than brown rice flour, so you don’t need as much liquid! Just be careful or you’ll end up with either soup or a puck!


The rest of us dined on a Boston Creame Poke Cake! I saw a poke cake recipe (which I’ll be trying soon) on Betty Crocker, and I feel in love with the idea. And I needed Boston Cream Pie. YUM! So, here is a poke cake/pie. Incredibly easy.

So, I just used a yellow cake mix, made and baked to specifications on the box. Then when it’s cooled slightly, you poke it with the handle of your wooden spoon evenly across the cake. Make two boxes of instant vanilla pudding, according to package directions, and pour all over your cake! Place in the fridge to set up. Then, after a few hours you slightly melt a jar of chocolate frosting (any type) and pour and spread!




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