Birthday Party!

So, I apologize in advance for the strange array of pictures you’re about to see. Yesterday was so completely insane…I didn’t get good pictures of ANYTHING. I got NO pictures of our popcorn creations, although I could tell you about them…Some of them I have links back to their creators, which, of course, I will provide…But, for the most part…This will be one confusing ride!

Our snacks for the party were popcorn, cake, cake pops, some homegrown veggies from my sister’s garden, pinwheel sandwiches, and my sister’s special pasta salad. I have no idea what it is, it’s bowtie noddles, shredded chicken, hunks of cheese, sometimes olives, sometimes pepperonis, and some sort of mayo sauce. It’s GOOD. My step-daughter actually asked my sister to make that for her party as her birthday present. It was pretty cute. We also had Sparking Prickly Passion Lemonade to drink, I believe that was a Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider from Costco, it’s pretty darn good!

This is the first thing I worked on. Loops. Haha! Fondant loops, which I later turned into a bow for the top of the cake.

Now, I have NO pictures of the completed cake. Which is so annoying to me. I can’t believe how stressed I was yesterday…But, here are some pictures of half complete and half gone:

So, as you see in the first picture we had a bottom tier that was square and top tier that was circular. The bow is completed in both pictures. The bottom tier disappeared quickly at the birthday party, but the top tier managed to be saved for later. (I had a piece with my step-daughter after the party!!) The top tier was chevron, as you can see, and the bottom was cheetah print. The cheetah we actually used a stencil and sponged it on with food coloring that was watered down a tad!

For the inside of the bottom tier, we did ombre cake!! I will do it differently in the future, I believe, but it did work out pretty well:

I peeled back the outer brown layer so we could see what beautiful colors were inside!


Some pieces left over, laid on their side. The bottom layer was the darker teal, then light teal, light purple, and finally dark purple! This was 2 boxes of cake, 1/2 box each layer. Next time I will do half that. 1/4 box each layer. The bottom tier was too much larger than the top tier, and the layers were pretty thick, as you may be able to tell.

I also made a few cake pops, as we weren’t really sure how many people were coming the the party. I only had about 5 girls RSVP, plus family I knew was coming…We did only end up with the top tier left. All the pinwheel sandwiches and veggies were gone. All of the cake pops gone. We also had the 3 pieces of cake pictured about left (otherwise I wouldn’t have any photos of the ombre cake!!). No pictures of the finished cake pops, but the purple cake was dipped in teal candy melts and the teal cake in purple candy melts, some had some beautiful sprinkles some we left plain. They were displayed on gift wrapped Styrofoam blocks. (She thought they were presents wrapped in my room this whole time, I let her think that because it made me giggle when she tried to guess what it was! I did once tell her it was Styrofoam, but she didn’t believe me!!!)

The top tier had a bit of a cheetah surprise inside! I wasn’t entirely sure I could make this work, but I did! It was actually quite simple, just kind of time consuming. You can find the awesome tutorial HERE. She clearly has more experience with making it than I do, but I think it still worked pretty cool, ha!

So, our main attraction was actually the popcorn we made, since we were watching a movie in the movie theater (a local one screen theater, very old building, couches, tables, the works, it’s great!), we decided to forgo the usual treats, sweets, and eats we typically do. We made five different kinds of popcorn, caramel, Samoa, banana split, Circus Animal, and candy corn. We also had regular popcorn, but only her father ate that (weirdo). The Samoa and candy corn came from Pinterest, such cute ideas, you can find the links here for them, Candy (Unicorn) Popcorn and Samoa Popcorn. We followed the Unicorn Popcorn instructions to the T (except we didn’t get to “dry” the popcorn long enough, still amazing) but the Samoa we did a bit different, we made the popcorn, then mixed with the toasted coconut and chopped shortbread cookies, then drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. Instead of making caramel corn and THEN doing all of the other stuff. My mother made the caramel corn, her secret recipe. She made the caramel, coated the popcorn, then she microwaved it a few times, I don’t know what was up with that, but it was great!!

The Circus Animal popcorn was just a random spur, I kind of LOVE these cookies and had them on hand. We just took a bag of popcorn and melted about 11-12 oz of white chocolate, coated the popcorn, tossed in some sprinkles and chopped animal cookies, YUM. OH! The banana split. Almost forgot that one. Also Pinterest, HUGE HIT. Should have made a bunch of this and skipped something else. They were all pretty popular, though. I’d say between banana split and the candy corn. The recipe is HERE. We followed it correctly. It does call for only one and 1/2 tablespoon of both strawberry jello and banana pudding…So you’re left with a lot jello and pudding powder.

Usually the birthday party is a huge thing for my baking fun and skills, but we did a bit different this year. But, stay tuned later this week for a special addition of the love of my life’s birthday, which is actually today!

One more thing to leave you with, because sometimes I have an extra spur of craftivity:


I give you….Nail art that matches our theme! Teal chevron, purple base with sponged on teal, teal with silver blotched on, purple cheetah print, and teal/purple ombre!


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