Raspberry Lemonade Cupcake

So, a few weeks ago I did some delicious lemon cupcakes. I actually quite enjoyed them…I also make some amazing raspberry buttercream that I put into my raspberry vanilla cake pops.

Raspberry and lemon undeniably go together. I have an internal fight about whether I add raspberries or blackberries to my lemonade. Blackberries are my absolute favorite, without me even having to think about it. But, my step-daughter loves raspberries. So, we usually go with raspberries, because that’s what happens when you have children. Haha!

As an added on bonus, these are simple recipes, and with me out travelling the “world” I needed simple! So, I went with recipes I already had, but managed to keep within my new theme! Raspberry. Lemonade. I would have enjoyed this with a nice glass of raspberry lemonade; however, all of the kids cleared out my raspberries, I’m lucky that I had enough to garnish with!!! (Those little sneaky stinkers.)

My buttercream was a bit on the wet side, I could have used more powdered sugar, I did the same thing last time, but I kind of wanted that here. I feel like it gave them a distinct look that mirrored more of what a drink may look like. I’m branching out a bit, I suppose. Seeing what other things I have going on for me!

You can link to my Lemon Cupcakes Here and my Raspberry Buttercream Here to see my recipes. Or, use your own to make some fun raspberry lemonade inspired cupcakes!


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