Chocolate Dragon Fruit and Fruit “Pizzas!”

So, I was having trouble deciding if I could actually do anything with dragon fruit, I was so sad after last week’s epic kiwi fail that I guess I wasn’t feeling confident. Plus…I wasn’t really sure what flavor I would pair with it. I couldn’t decide if chocolate would go, and vanilla was too mild of a flavor, dragon fruit is so mild already! I perused Pinterest to see if other’s had already attempted this…And I came across this recipe for chocolate cupcakes with dragon fruit meringue buttercream (odd, right?) Well, the meringue/buttercream looked heavenly, really. However, in my household meringue’s other name is “calf slobbers” no one wants to eat something nick named calf slobbers. So, that wasn’t going to fly. But, the recipe for the cupcakes was so unique, I had to try it. I am SO glad I did, these cupcakes are so spongy and delicious, I may never look back!!!! Find the recipes HERE. The only difference I did was instead of milk I added chocolate almond milk, only because I forgot to buy actual milk, I have no complaints, it was amazing.

My step-daughter was completely freaked out about the dragon fruit being drizzled on top and has thus far completely avoided this cupcake. I will be eating it for dinner tonight, haha!

If you’re brave, go ahead and make that meringue buttercream, it does look amazing. If you’re not brave, like me, use a basic buttercream recipe. My go to is for every 1/4 cup of butter (room temp) you add one cup of powdered sugar and about 1/2 table spoon of flavor adders (so I added 1/2 tablespoon of dragon fruit puree) but, that amount depends on what exactly you’re adding. You certainly don’t want to add that much vanilla extract or whatever.

My other creation this weekend was more of one of those tried and true recipes. Mini fruit “pizzas.” Traditionally these are made with a sugar cookie “crust” but, I had some left over shortbread cookie dough from another project that actually worked beautifully! I made them star shaped, it was the first non-Christmas cookie cutter I found, but it was very fun. My nephews enjoyed biting the points off first.

I just added on top whatever fruit I had laying around. Turned out to be kiwis, strawberries, and raspberries! Delish.

I also made dragon fruit pancakes for breakfast, because I didn’t know what to do with all of these extra dragon fruit packets.


I must admit that pancakes are my kryptonite. I know I said that buttercream is, but really, buttercream is just hard and I don’t like hard. Pancakes are impossible. I hate them. But they are so delicious. Well, these weren’t a complete failure, but I can’t seem to make them cooked all the way through, just like when I make regular, old pancakes. *Sigh* But, on the plus side, these were quite pink. You can find that recipe HERE. I don’t typically do the whole organic, gluten free, vegan, blah blah blah thing. So, I kind of doctored it using regular flour and skipped the flax. I did use almond milk (since all I had was chocolate almond milk) and coconut oil, because I love coconut oil. They were fun.

Mini Fruit Pizzas: 

20 Baked sugar cookies or shortbread cookies.
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
8 oz whipped topping, thawed
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
Cut fruit

1. Beat the cream cheese until smooth.
2. Add in both the cool whip and the vanilla.
3. Then stir in the powdered sugar until everything is smooth. This makes more frosting than needed, so if you make more cookies, don’t make too much more frosting! You may be able to get 30 cookies with this amount of frosting.
4. Top with cut up fruit!


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