I’ve done a few cakes throughout the years. But, two years ago this summer, we had the pleasure of gaining custody of my boyfriend’s daughter. Wow, children are a LOT of work. And they require birthdays, like, every year! The first year she was turning 10, that’s kind of a big birthday, double digits! She requested a Monster High party, being my first birthday party ever planned, it was a bit hectic:

A Monster High cake, two tiers. Plus cake pops. I had NOT mastered cake pops at the time. They are kind of a lot of work. But, so worth it.

Then, there were nephews. Included were some sweet Pokeball/Pikachu cupcakes for a birthday, which the pictures of seemed to have disappeared. They were so cute too. Then, How To Train Your Dragon:


The little stinker took a bite out of this cake. 😉 Yeah, that’s wine back there. That’s how I stay sane creating a huge flying dinosaur THE DAY BEFORE A PARTY. Yeah, he may have asked a bit late, but it’s my nephew, how could I say no to him!? I was only up all night long…

Sometimes I do just fun things, like these Apple Roses that were so popular on FaceBook for awhile:


Needed a lot more cinnamon, but…I’m kind of a cinnamon hound.

At the school they do Friday Fun Night each month, and a different class hosts for a fundraiser. When it was our turn to host, it was “Thanksgiving themed” and it was a fundraiser for the class to travel to Skagway!


I decided that turkeys were the best way to go, another found recipe on Pinterest. (I LOVE Pinterest.) They were supposed to have eyes and stuff, but I kind of loved them without. By the way, made about fifty of these. Allll about two days before, because I was leaving town. I was quite worried that her father wouldn’t get them to the school safely for the event, but it worked out, and I got a really nice card from all of the kids! I never thought myself that good with frosting decorations, but these guys are kind of my favorites ever.

For her last birthday, she wanted a Hello Kitty party, I made all kinds of beautiful things. The cake pops were perfect, there were candy coated pretzel sticks, pink gummy bears, pink rock candy, pink candy coated marshmallows, and pink sugar cookies. Not to mention bow shaped sammichs, pink homemade waffle cones filled with fruit, fruit sushi, and rainbow fruit cabobs! Do you think I have any of those pictures? Nope. Can’t find but one, that my bff sent me:

Hello Kitty Cake

And I’m a bit sad about the situation here, because I actually smooshed Hello Kitty that lives on the top of this cake. I smooshed her good. Haha. But, the cherry blossoms were super cute!

Then, Valentine’s Day we did a bit of everything here:

Valentine's Day

I started with the idea of making just cherry almond cupcakes. Well, it made 24 cupcakes, and she has 25 kids in her class. So, I decide to make the cake pops. Boom, done. Not so hard. Well, then she casually mentions that a kid in her class is allergic to eggs. WHAT? Ah! So, last minute shortbread cookies it was. But, I added a bit of fun with heart sprinkles baked into the cookies and candy melt and sprinkles on the side. These were perfect with coffee, I have some dough in my freezer, occasionally I pop 5 or 6 in the oven and take them to work for breakfast for the week!

That’s pretty much what I’ve done in the past. I love to make scones quite frequently…But the don’t tend to stick around long enough to be photographed…But, now, moving forward, I will be posting in progress pictures and recipes for your delight!


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